U.S. Warns Mali To Not Make A Deal To Employ Russian Mercenaries

USA World

FILE – A photo published by the Security Service of Ukraine purports to show Wagner Group mercenaries at an unidentified location. (ssu.gov.ua)  

VOA: Pentagon Warns Against Deal Bringing Russian Mercenaries to Mali  

WASHINGTON — Add U.S. military officials to the crescendo of voices warning Mali’s interim government against brokering any deal to use mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner Group to help with security and counterterrorism. 

For weeks, U.S. and French officials have publicly tried to dissuade Malian leaders from moving forward with a reported deal that would pay Wagner $10.8 million a month for 1,000 mercenaries to train Mali’s military and provide security for senior officials. 

Now, the Pentagon says such a deal could cost Mali in multiple ways.  

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WNU Editor: This warning is a joke. The US suspended support following the August 2020 coup that saw elements of the Malian military depose the country’s elected leaders. The US has very little leverage. 

As for the Europeans, they are hoping a new task force will be more successful in the war against the militants in Mali …. New European Taskforce Takes on Mali’s Elusive Militants (US News and World Report/Reuters). I hope they succeed because efforts by France and its European allies have failed miserably ….  

…. Violent attacks across Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso that have increased eight-fold in 2015 to 2020, according to the United Nations. This has driven 2 million from their homes and left swathes of territory out of governments’ control.