U.S. Senate Votes 56-44 That Impeaching A Former President Is Constitutional

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 * The Senate will move forward with its trial against Donald Trump on Wednesday 
 * The upper chamber voted 56-44 on Tuesday evening that impeaching a former president is constitutional 
 * Six Republicans joined the 50 Democrats in deciding to progress the proceedings forward, despite Trump’s almost assured acquittal in the Senate 
 * Those who voted with Democrats were Republican Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney , Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Pat Toomey and most surprising of all, Bill Cassidy 
 * Cassidy previously agreed with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and 43 other Republicans that impeaching an official who is no longer in office is against the Constitution 
 * The second impeachment trial against Donald Trump kicked off with Democrats playing a video about the January 6 MAGA riot at the Capitol, focusing on the violence and featuring Trump’s words 
 * ‘You ask what a high crime and misdemeanor is under our constitution? That’s a high crime and misdemeanor,’ Lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin said 
 * Trump attorney Bruce Castor started off his defense of the former president with a rambling soliloquy that veered between name-dropping senators and flattery
 * ‘You know, senators of the United States, they are not ordinary people. There are extraordinary people in the technical sense, extraordinary people,’ Castor said 
 * Trump will take a break from golfing this week to closely follow his second impeachment trial on TV from his Mar-a-Lago residence 
 * The trial could run straight through the weekend – with a potential conviction vote on Monday; Trump is expected to be acquitted 
 * Trump was put off when Castor tipped his hat to the Democratic managers’ presentation, calling it ‘well done’ 
President Donald Trump was set off by the defense mustered by his legal team at the start of his Senate impeachment trial, raging at key admissions and a presentation that appeared to drive away a key Republican vote. 
Trump, viewing the proceedings from his new home at Mar-a-Lago, was aghast that one of his lawyers, Bruce Castor, acknowledged the potency of the opening argument put forward by House Democratic impeachment managers, ABC News reported. 
Castor even acknowledged that his team changed course after viewing the Democrats’ presentation, which featured dramatic video of Trump supporters storming the Capitol and taunting police officers with obscenities as they bashed in doors and windows. 
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