U.S. House Intel Committee’s Russia-Probe Transcripts Released. Shows No Russian Collusion

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Daily Mail: Adam Schiff publishes 57,600 pages of testimony by Trump Russia probe witnesses – including Don Jr. and some of the president’s closest aides

* DNI Ric Grenell wrote Tuesday saying the transcripts were ready
* The panel voted in 2018 to release them
* The probe began when the committee was under Republican control
* Chair Adam Schiff blasted the administration for setting up the release during a pandemic
* Transcripts from Donald Trump Jr., Hope Hicks, Rob Goldstone, Keith Schiller, and other figures

The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday released the transcripts of interviews with key Trump world figures during the Russia probe – after a long and angry battle with the administration over classification.

The documents contain the results of 57 interviews by committee members, mostly in a secure facility in Congress.

Figures who had critical information in the probe, begun when Republicans ran the committee, sat for the depositions. Among them were now White House aide Hope Hicks, former chief strategist Steve Bannon, British PR Rob Goldstone, longtime Trump assistant Rhona Graff, and Donald Trump Jr.


WNU Editor: Not impressed with US House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff’s narrative on the release of these documents. He is complaining that these documents should have been released a long time ago, which is laughable because he has had in his possession for almost 6 months 43 declassified transcripts from the 53 in total. And of the remaining 10 transcripts, they have been delayed because the Office Of the Director Of National Intelligence wanted to allow the White House to review them as part of the declassification process, but Rep. Schiff has refused. I am sure that what caught Rep. Shiff off-guard was the ODNI relented only this week, providing the declassified versions of the remaining 10 transcripts to his committee and giving him the ultimatum that if he does not release them, the Director of National Intelligence will …. Under pressure from Trump spy chief, Schiff moves to release Russia investigation transcripts (Washington Examiner).

And I can see why Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff does not want these transcripts released. He has been claiming since 2017 that he had overwhelming evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, but these transcripts …. from what I have seen so far …. completely contradict what he has been claiming. Case in point …. James Clapper Said He ‘Never Saw Direct Empirical Evidence’ of Trump-Russia Collusion in FBI Interview (NRO).

Update: Here are the transcripts …. READ: Transcripts of House Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation (CNN).

Update #2: Chairman Rep. Adam Schiffis now spinning this (see link here), while avoiding what these released transcripts are saying.

Update #3: Russian media is covering this story extensively …. Russia Probe Testimonies Reveal There Was No Collusion Between Moscow & Trump Campaign, Report Says (Sputnik). More here …. ‘Never saw any direct evidence’: Clapper admission torpedoes Democrat push to revive Trump-Russia conspiracy with transcript dump (RT). They are also covering the Michael Flynn story …. End of Russiagate? DOJ drops case against Trump adviser Flynn that started ‘witch hunt’ (RT).

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