U.S. And Europe Move Closer To A Shutdown Over Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Fears

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Daily Mail: BREAKING NEWS: New York, NJ, and Connecticut will shut down TONIGHT at 8pm: Bars and restaurants are only allowed to do take-out, and casinos, movie theaters and gyms will all close to stunt coronavirus spread as New Jersey launches 8pm ‘curfew’

* Governor Cuomo announced on Monday the state of New York’s bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms will close at 8pm
* New Jersey is enacting a curfew of 8pm until 5am – people should only leave their homes for essential travel between those hours
* The governor did not define what ‘essential travel’ was or what will happen to anyone who does leave their home between those hours without an excuse
* Cuomo wants Trump to issue shut down rules to bars and restaurants across the country but is frustrated that he won’t
* There are now more than 4,000 cases in America, 700 in the state of New York and more than 300 in New York City
* 70 people have died but all experts and officials say numbers will continue to rise drastically

New York will close its bars and restaurants at 8pm on Monday night for ‘as long as necessary’ along with casinos, gyms and movie theaters as part of an effort with neighboring states Connecticut and New Jersey to stop coronavirus spreading.

New Jersey has also launched a statewide ‘curfew’ between the hours of 8pm and 5am for all ‘non essential travel’ but it is unclear what that is or what will happen to anyone who does not follow the rules.


Update #1: US moves nearer to shutdown amid coronavirus fears (AP)
Update #2: Europe locks down 100million: Germany and Poland tighten border controls, France puts limits on public transport and Slovakia declares state of emergency as continent’s virus death toll soars towards 2,000 (Daily Mail).

WNU Editor:  I can easily see Europe being completely shut down by next week. The U.S. a week or two after that.

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