tyrone givans hmp pentonville failures blamed for prisoners death

Tyrone Givans: HMP Pentonville failures blamed for prisoner’s death

Image caption Tyrone Givans was 32-years-old when he died from self-inflicted injuries in his cell at HMP Pentonville on 26 February 2018

The mother of a prisoner who took his own life has said her son would still be alive were it not for the failures of prison staff.

Tyrone Givans, 32, hanged himself at HMP Pentonville on 26 February 2018 after spending three weeks on remand accused of ABH.

Mr Givans, who was deaf, had mental health problems and alcoholism, an inquest into his death heard.

His needs were insufficiently addressed, the inquest concluded.

Mr Givans’ mother Angela Augustin told the BBC that her son was a calm and humble young man.

“He was always bubbly and smiling – when people saw Tyrone they would just see this big massive smile,” she said.

Image caption Tyrone’s mother said if it not for the failings of the prison, her son would still be alive

Mr Givans was being held on remand at the north London prison – but threatened to kill himself before he arrived.

The prisoner’s mental health issues and suicidal ideations were insufficiently addressed by the prison and healthcare services, Mary Elizabeth Hassell, senior coroner for inner north London said.

At the hearing, a number of prison staff accepted they should have opened suicide and self-harm monitoring procedures had they known of his history of suicidal ideation.

Mr Givans also spent almost a month at the prison without his hearing aid, the inquest at St Pancras Coroner’s Court was told on Tuesday.

Staff communication and IT systems used for storing prisoner’s records were also unfit for purpose, Ms Hassell ruled.

“Collectively, these factors resulted in Tyrone Givans’ needs not being met and contributed to his death”, she said.

“To know that none of these needs were met because of the failings of the prison system – my son could have been alive today”, Ms Augustin said.

In a statement, the Ministry of Justice said they will now carefully consider the inquest findings and take further action where necessary,