Two CJNG Operators Captured In Strong Military Operation In Zapopan: Jalisco

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This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

Jorge “N”, alias “El Tío” and Marco Antonio “N”, nicknamed “El Takua” are accused of being logistical operators in arms trafficking.

Elizabeth Ibal / El Occidental

Elements of the Secretariat of National Defense captured in Zapopan two alleged members of the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation.

The troops arrived early Wednesday morning at the intersection of Jardín and Privada Bugambilias, in the La Palmira neighborhood and carried out an operational deployment, in which at least 10 patrols with eight troops each participated, that is, almost a hundred military personnel.

Due to the presence of military personnel, the street was closed to pedestrians and vehicles.

Later, the Sedena headquarters announced the arrest of Jorge “N”, alias “El Tío” and Marco Antonio “N”, nicknamed “El Takua”, as well as three other individuals who were also allegedly members of a criminal cell.

They are accused of being logistical operators in the trafficking of arms, drugs and other illicit activities for this criminal group.

It is also believed that both “El Tío” and “El Takua” were under the direct orders of Gonzalo Mendoza Gaytán, alias “El Sapo”, the alleged regional leader, who controls the area from Puerto Vallarta to Mascota.

He is also the alleged godson and confidant of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho,” the founder of the CJNG.