Two Beheaded Bodies, Two Narco Messages Signed by CJNG in Oaxaca

Latin America World

By “El Huaso” for Borderland Beat

Authors warning: There are gruesome photos of corpses below.

Over the last several days two decapitated bodies with narco messages signed by the CJNG have been found in Istmo de Tehuantepec, in southwestern Oaxaca. 

On Sunday afternoon, September 3, a severed head and a narco message were found along the Federal Highway 185. An hour later, the tortured, decapitated body of a man was found nearby. No photo of the first message has surfaced online, but Cuarta Plana published the text, translated below.
Filiberto the gunned down, and Daniel the Palomo, feel protected by the Guardia Nacional, the Policía Estatal, and the investigative police (AEI), Isaac Solano Rivera for the smuggling of undocumented people, drug sales, and all the deaths you have committed and continue doing in the Istmo de Tehuantepec, but now all of that is over. Your heads have a price, we are coming for you, go and see how all your halcones and sicarios who work for you are dying, we don’t kill innocent people.
CJNG Grupo Union
The next body, another beheaded male, was found late Sunday night on a dirt road in the town of San Juan Guichicovi. The arms and legs were tied up. Nearby was an abandoned car.

A search was conducted in the surrounding area for the missing head, which was located early Monday morning next to narco message signed by the CJNG. The message is translated below.

This happened to me for being a chapulin this will happen to all those who think nothing happens here (Huaso: Maybe, “there are no consequences here?”. Those who charge piso/rats all those who surprise wrapped in a bag.