Turkey’s Invasion Of Northern Syria — News Updates October 10, 2019

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Daily Mail: Turkey releases video of its commandos advancing against Kurdish fighters as civilians continue to flee airstrikes and shelling in towns along the Syrian border

* Turkey’s infantry are continuing their advance against Kurdish fighters as they bombard northern Syria
* Operation Peace Spring began on Wednesday with barrages from artillery and war planes
* President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims a ‘safe zone’ will push the Kurds out and allow for Syrian repatriation
* Trump had agreed to withdraw US troops from Syria and hand control of the military operation to the Turkish
* US President said Turkey’s incursion into Syria was a ‘bad idea’ and that the US ‘does not endorse this attack’
* The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) claim bombing has already killed and wounded civilians
* Jets and artillery targeted Kurdish positions in northern Syria before the ground operation started last night

Turkey’s commandos moved against Kurdish fighters last night after the artillery and air force pounded northern Syria with a barrage of shelling, sending thousands fleeing.

Video footage released by Turkey’s Defence Ministry shows ‘hero’ commandos moving through fields under cover of darkness and firing rounds after Operation Peace Spring was launched on Wednesday afternoon.

The invasion has been widely condemned around the world. Terrified residents were seen fleeing on foot, by car and piling rickshaws high with their possessions as they left their homes – a grim echo of how they sought refuge from the Islamic State only a few years before.


Turkey’s Invasion Of Northern Syria — News Updates October 10, 2019

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