Trump’s new ‘Middle East envoy’ exposed as a totally unqualified Jared Kushner crony

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HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher blasted President Donald Trump as a “house-bound senior citizen” for his response to Hurricane Dorian.

The host noted that Trump had a planned trip to Poland, but canceled to watch TV about the storm.

“Trump did not go on the trip, he said he had to stay and monitor the storm – and he went golfing,” Maher noted.

“Trump, because he’s an excitable, house-bound senior citizen, when it was starting up, saw on the TV – where he gets all his information – that it was about to hit Alabama, so he told everyone in Alabama to run for their lives and then of course it wasn’t going anywhere near Alabama, but because he can never be wrong, he doctored the map, free-hand with a Sharpie, to win a fight about a brain-fart he had five days ago,” he argued.