Trump Administration Sends List To Congress Of Obama Officials Who ‘Unmasked’ Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn

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Lashing out: In an interview with Fox Business Network airing in full Thursday, Trump attacked Biden and claimed ‘we caught them’

Daily Mail: Donald Trump claims Joe Biden was a ‘big unmasker’ as Obama’s VP revealed to have had Mike Flynn’s name unmasked – then tears into ‘sleazebags’ and claims ‘this was all Biden, we caught them’

* Acting DNI Ric Grenell ordered the information declassified this month
* Biden as among a group of officials who got unmasking information on Flynn in the final days of the Obama administration
* Flynn’s contacts with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. picked up by U.S. intercepts; the contacts would eventually leak days before Obama left office
* Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his Russia contacts and was fired as Donald Trump’s national security advisor
* Trump referred to FBI officials who prosecuted Flynn as ‘sleazebags’
* The government switched positions and moved to drop the case against Flynn despite his guilty plea
* Federal judge overseeing Flynn’s case appointed an outside retired judge to argue against the government’s position

Former Vice President Joe Biden was identified Wednesday as being among a group of Obama administration officials who ‘unmasked’ the name of Mike Flynn in U.S. intelligence reports.

A National Security Agency document signed by Director General Paul Nakasone lists Biden as among those who requested and may have received information on Flynn in the final days of the Obama administration or were otherwise involved in his unmasking.

The leaked memo immediately set off a clash in Washington, with President Donald Trump tearing into Biden, his presumed 2020 opponent, for unmasking, which he connected to the prosecution of Flynn, which he termed a disgrace.


WNU Editor: First things first. I am sure none of the people named in this release thought their names would ever be made public. Their media allies are also trying to discount the publication of these names …. Trump deepens ‘Obamagate’ conspiracy theory with Biden unmasking move (The Guardian). More here …. With Obamagate, Trump returns to a favorite distraction tactic (Politico). But the problem with this defense is that these unmasking requests were made, they are now in the public record, and answers will need to be forthcoming. This story is just beginning.

Update: The Biden campaign is not happy that his name was released …. Biden campaign official calls CBS correspondent ‘right-wing hack’ in deleted tweet (The Hill).

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