Tlaquepaque, Jalisco: 2 Federal Agents Lose Their Lives While Protecting a Kindergarten School

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Although insecurity is still present in Jalisco, there is a strategy to reduce the rate of violence, a clear example was the operation where two agents from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office risked their lives to protect citizens, said Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez.
In the last year alone, crimes decreased by 17 percent, the perception of citizens is not the same, but the problem is trying to be reversed, said the Governor.
“There is a problem of violence in Jalisco, yes, yes it has been like this for many years and we are trying to reverse it, but that isn’t why we are living a moment of terror as some want to say, that people don’t go out onto the streets, no, I see restaurants full of people in Guadalajara every day, the streets are full, I see intense economic activity, our state is growing four times faster in its economy than the average of all the states in the country, ”he explained.

He admitted that there are events that cause a perception of insecurity in society such as the one that occurred in Las Huertas in Tlaquepaque, however, it was an event to combat crime, the civilians who died in the confrontation had a criminal record, while the Agents risked their lives to prevent the streets where there was a kindergarten from being affected by gunfire.
Organized crime seeks to cause terror in society, but the Government undertakes actions to combat it, he assured that there is a strategy to reverse insecurity in Jalisco, therefore, institutional, legal, work dynamics changes were made, a new patrol model, doing more solid investigations, a Security Cabinet was designed, which translates into the reduction of violence.
Regarding the levels of violence, he said that there is still insecurity but it’s gradually decreasing, only the crimes of theft of vehicle are down by 33.5 percent compared to 2018 and 30 percent compared to 2019, while the index of recovery is at 50 percent.
“There continues to be violence, we are not even satisfied with the progress we have, but we are clear that the path is the right one because the results demonstrate this. We are experiencing times when levels of insecurity have been lower for a long time,” he specified.
The crime reduction is at 17 percent in all crimes for Jalisco from February of last year to this year.
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