Tlapacoyan, Veracruz: Gente Nueva Begins Killing Cab Drivers, Municipal Policemen Are Next

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The drivers were attacked last night at two different times. Messages from a criminal group appeared at various points in the municipality.

Two cab drivers were killed almost simultaneously in attacks last night by armed civilians in the center of Tlapacoyan, northern Veracruz.

The first of the attacks took place on 5 de Mayo Avenue, where the driver of cab number 40 was killed. The second occurred on Juarez Street.

Shortly after 8:00 p.m. on 5 de Mayo Avenue, between Héroes and Ferrer, the driver Lorenzo Polo Munguía was shot by unknown persons who escaped after the attack.

The body was left on the side of the rental car. Tlapacoyan Civil Protection paramedics responded to the report, but, upon arrival, confirmed that he had died.

The second case happened minutes later. Cab driver Ramiro Lorenzo Cañada was assaulted, died and was left lying on the side of his vehicle on Juarez Street, between Enriquez and Zaragoza.

Elements of the Municipal Police, the Public Security Secretariat, the Navy Secretariat and the National Defense Secretariat arrived at both sites to guard the areas and deploy an operation to locate the assailants.

Elements of the Ministerial Police initiated investigation files, as well as the removal of evidence and bodies.

This morning, banners from a criminal group appeared at various points in the municipality.

Video translation is as follows: 

This message goes out to all the businesses in the city of Tlapacoyan from the Gente Nueva. If you’re not going to join us then you’ll have to close down. Otherwise, you and your employees will be killed off. You’ve all seen that what all has been happening here is a serious matter. This drug corridor has an owner. 
Yours truly, Gente Nueva G.N.

Video translation is as follows:

We are the absolute Gente Nueva you faggot  You can go fuck your mom you dog  You stupid fuck son of a bitch!

Video translation is as follows:

We are the absolute Gente Nueva you sons of bitches!

Narco message reads as follows: 

Monday 06 September 2023

For all the citizens of Tlapacoyan, Martinez de la Torre, and surrounding area. Greetings from Gente Nueva GN. We’ve begun taking control of the region. As you can see all the events are not isolated situations. All those who have been killed off were individuals who were involved in shady shit. The party has just begun. All the crooked cab drivers and municipal policemen are next. 

They will be dealt the same fate that was handed out in Poza Rica’s north zone. For the following individuals: Montoya, El Verde, El Arroyo, Jaime, Sergio, Mocho, Chaparro, M8, Oso, Oscar, Cholo, Eduardo Monroy, and everyone who operates on the thoroughfare. If you heed the call a peace deal will be brokered with you guys. For those of you who can’t, then you should already know how we operate. 

We don’t allow trash into our ranks either. Everyone who has been called out shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. For all the citizens in general: any contributions of intel about miscreants will be taken into account. The purge that we’re applying is currently in effect. Everyone will be notified once we finish out assignment here. 

Sincerely, The absolute Gente Nueva G.N.

Additional videos released by Gente Nueva operatives in the state of Veracruz:

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