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Titles Leaving Netflix UK in May 2019

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Here is your full list of titles leaving Netflix UK in May 2019. Unfortunately licensing is a thing, which means titles on Netflix aren’t here forever so sadly we must say farewell to those reported to leave Netflix soon. This is your ongoing look at what’s leaving Netflix in May.

As we approach May we’ll ensure to update the list as and when it is relevant. For those now in the know, Netflix commonly lists titles as scheduled to leave when the title is within a 30 day period of doing so. You’ll have to be patient as we won’t have the full extensive list until the April 30th and May 1st.

There aren’t any big hitters scheduled to leave Netflix UK as of yet. We can expect a lot more titles to be announced as we draw closer to May. Arguably the most popular title scheduled to leave Netflix UK thus far is the popular anime series Trigun.

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We’re also currently cataloging the US removals for May which currently includes Blue Exorcist and Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Full List of What’s Leaving Netflix UK in May 2019

April 4th

  • Trigun (Season 1)

April 8th

  • Aldnoah.Zero (Season 1)

April 11th

  • Changing Faces (Season 1)

April 14th

  • Animal Intervention (Season 1)
  • Britain’s Underworld (Season 1)
  • Built for the Kill (Season 2)
  • Crimes Against Nature (Season 1)
  • Dangerous Encounters (Season 5)
  • Disaster Earth (Season 1)
  • How Big Can It Get (Season 1)
  • Inside Cocaine Wars (Season 1)
  • Party Like (Season 10
  • Redfern Now (Season 2)
  • The Invaders (Season 1)
  • Wild Australia (Season 1)

Which title are you sad to see leaving Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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