tis the season drivers dodge potholes in pierrefonds

‘Tis the season: Drivers dodge potholes in Pierrefonds


There are several different ways that drivers are navigating the potholes in Pierrefonds.There are some who slow down, sometimes coming to a complete stop, while others take the “drive right over and hope for the best” approach.READ MORE: Multiple potholes appearing as Montreal weather fluctuatesGlobal NewsHelp us improve GlobalNews.caGlobal NewsTake the survey now!Story continues below

Or when there are just too many, like on Antoine-Faucon Street, people have resorted to simply driving in the other lane — supposedly reserved for oncoming traffic.Residents in the area say that since there are so many there’s just no way to get around them.“The potholes — and the ice is just as bad — it makes ice potholes,” said Pierrefonds resident André Houde. “The ice is thawing up, freezing again — it’s rough on cars.”READ MORE: Growing number of potholes in Montreal wreaking havoc on the roadsOn Saturday morning, Global News reached out to Pierrefonds Mayor Jim Beis asking when the potholes on Antoine-Faucon Street would be fixed.He said crews would get to them in the next few days, but then quickly added that he asked city workers to tend to them immediately.Late Saturday morning, crews showed up to the street, fixing many of the holes.Though residents were glad to see the problem being solved, they believe the city needs to come up with a better long-term solution.“In general, I don’t think that they can keep up with it until they develop better materials,” said Pierrefonds resident Amir Zouak.“I’ve been here for 45 years and year to year it’s the same.”READ MORE: Think your road is bad? There’s a contest for thatBeis blamed the increased number of potholes on the extreme fluctuations in temperatures this winter, adding the problem is not unique to the area with similar issues hitting other parts of the island as well.He urges residents to call 311 to inform the city of any big potholes in their area.Get daily local headlines and alerts