Threat Of More ‘Super-Covid’ Mutant Strains Coming As Infection Rates Continue To Rise Globally

USA World
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MORE coronavirus ‘super variants’ could be on the way as infection rates continue to rise globally. 
There have been over three million cases of Covid-19 in the UK to date and globally that toll sits at nearly 94 million. 
Globally around 230,000 people a day are being infected and experts have now warned that new variants of the virus could continue to emerge after three more were discovered in the US. 
Dr Trevor Bedford, who is a scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in the US explained that the virus is mutating as it is “getting better at getting into human cells”. 
Referencing the three new strains in the UK, South Africa and Brazil he said: “My (highly speculative!) hypothesis is that the emergence of these variant viruses arises in cases of chronic infection during which the immune system places great pressure on the virus to escape immunity and the virus does so by getting really good at getting into cells.” 
WNU Editor: The Covid-19 pandemic news just keeps on getting worse with each passing day.