Threat From Nuclear Weapons And Missiles Continues To Grow

USA World

FILE PHOTO: Chinese nuclear-capable missiles © Nir Elias © Reuters 

North Korea’s new road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile, paraded through the streets of Pyongyang this past weekend, has underscored a worrying reality: The global threat from nuclear weapons and menacing missiles has grown since President Donald Trump entered office, despite his administration’s fitful efforts to control them. 
The unveiling of the untested weapon – which appeared to be a larger version of a North Korean missile that can reach the United States – came less than a week after Russia test launched an anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile on President Vladimir Putin’s birthday and a month and a half after China test fired its “carrier killer” and “Guam killer” ballistic missiles into the disputed South China Sea. 
WNU Editor: The proliferation of missile and nuclear weapons has been going on long before President Trump got involved in politics, and it will continue under the next President. What is different now is that the US is modernizing its own arsenal in response.