This War Game Simulated A US Embargo On High-Tech Trade And Investment In China In 2021

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Federica Russo, Asia Times: War game analyzes future US-China relationship

The war game simulated a US embargo on high-tech trade and investment in China in 2021 under Donald Trump if he is re-elected

The strategic importance of the high-tech sector is undeniable. Nowadays, the sphere of influence a nation is able to expand in this domain equals the degree of authoritativeness that it can exercise in the global stage at large, influencing major geopolitical dynamics.

With emerging technologies being synonymous with power and influence, the rivalry between China and the United States has always been particularly intense in the tech domain.

However, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis, the confrontation between Beijing and Washington has intensified, alarming observers worldwide, who have also witnessed a greater presence of these superpowers’ governments in the technology sector, leaving room for the implementation of approaches mainly intended to protect national interests.


WNU Editor: I agree with the conclusion from this war game. That …. “The team playing the Chinese leadership didn’t try to fight the decision to impose an embargo on its technology sector, but it accepted it and worked during the entire simulation on creating a front against the US.”

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