This US Senator Has Blocked 300 Military Promotions

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Sen. Tommy Tuberville  

CNN: Tuberville says he will keep blocking military promotions despite Israel’s war  

Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who has held up military promotions for nine months, slammed a proposal being floated to change the chamber’s rules to allow a vote on many of the nominations en masse and attacked the White House and Senate Democrats for not negotiating with him. 

“It’s typical of this place. This administration would rather burn the Senate down and that’s what would happen. … If you change the rules of the Senate then it lasts forever,” Tuberville told CNN’s Manu Raju. “So they would rather burn down the Senate than negotiate.”  

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Update #2: Tuberville: White House would rather ‘burn the Senate down’ than negotiate on military holds (The Hill)  

WNU Editor: The US Senate has a plan to circumvent Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s military holds …. Senators prep proposal to go around Tuberville’s holds (Politico).