This Is How Lasers Can Help Soldiers See Around Corners

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Popular Mechanics: Soldiers Could One Day See Around Corners With the Help of Lasers

As battlefields move to cities, seeing around corners will give soldiers a huge advantage.

* Scientists are exploring ways to use lasers to “see” around corners.
* Two promising methods complement each other, one gathering general information about an environment and the other more detailed—but limited—images of objects.
* The two technologies could some day help soldiers “read” rooms, identifying adversaries without exposing themselves to enemy fire.

Here’s an unexpected way lasers might beam their way onto the battlefield: sneaking a look around corners to detect adversaries.

University researchers funded by the Pentagon can now get an idea of what’s in a room by reading the interference pattern of a laser beam. This could someday lead to devices that can peer into a room and detect everyone inside—and identify if they are armed.


WNU Editor: One of the golden rules of combat is that if you know where the enemy is, you will usually win. This could be a game changer.