This Is How Iran And The US Talked To Each Other This Past Week

USA World

Navy Times: Explainer: How countries in conflict, like Iran and the US, talk to each other

Even countries that have broken ties with each other need to communicate in times of crisis and war.

That includes the U.S. and Iran, which have not had an official way to talk directly to each other since President Jimmy Carter cut off diplomatic and consular relations in April 1980, as part of the Tehran embassy hostage crisis.

The link has never been restored.

But international diplomacy has found an ingenious solution to the problem of communication between countries that have broken ties.


WNU Editor: Here is an excellent article on the role that the Swiss have played in the past week between Iran and the U.S. …. “I’d Like To See Them Call Me”: How Trump Used An Encrypted Swiss Fax Machine To Defuse The Iran Crisis (Zero Hedge).

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