The US Air Force’s 6th-Gen Aircraft Now Flying With The F-35

USA World

The Air Force is prototyping what its future stealth fighter jets will look like. (Lockheed Martin) 

What might it mean for the F-35 and F-22? 
The fact that the Air Force’s new 6th-Gen aircraft has taken to the skies raises too many interesting questions to engage at one time. Many might wonder, who built the one that flew already? What might it mean for the F-35 and F-22? 
While the actual vendor responsible for producing the first Next Generation Air Dominance 6th-Gen stealth fighter to fly is not available for understandable security reasons, there are only a handful of vendors capable of engineering something like this. While specifics are not known or available, and no vendor has actually confirmed that a prototype actually exists, some of the main players likely capable of building a 6th-Gen aircraft might be Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman or Boeing, to name a few.
WNU Editor: You have to wonder what will now happen with the F-35 and F-22 since this new fighter jet flying around.