The U.S. Navy’s Newest Radar Will Give It The Ability ‘To See’ Three Times Further Than Previous Radars

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SPY-6 is the U.S. Navy family of radars that perform air and missile defense on seven classes of ships.

Breaking Defense: New Radar Stretches Navy’s Reach To Track More Threats, Faster Threats & Smaller Threats

Commanders have been asking for the new SPY-6 radars on ships now, and the Navy is working on making it happen.

WASHINGTON: In the coming weeks, the Navy is slated to unveil a new plan for what ships plans to put to sea in the coming decades, and how it wants those hulls configured. One of the “must haves” in the emerging era of small drones, ballistic missiles, stealthy aircraft and unmanned ships is the ability to see further and react faster, as countries from China to Iran to North Korea throw a dizzying array of advanced weapons into the mix.

In November, the Navy laid down the keel for its first Flight III destroyer, one of the ships at the forefront of this modernization plan. The USS Jack H. Lucas will take to sea armed with new weapons, advanced sensors and a more powerful AN/SPY-6 radar system that can see three times further than previous radars.

The Raytheon-made system is capable of tracking incoming missiles, small drones and ships at distances, and at a volume, that existing radars can’t, the Navy and company representatives say.


Update: Navy accelerates new ship radar to support emerging ‘sea-attack’ strategy (FOX News/Warrior Maven)

WNU Editor: The tech and software behind this radar must be incredible. It also adds to this Russian military expert’s analysis on why the US Navy will defeat the Chinese Navy in any confrontation …. This Russian Expert Believes That The US Carrier Fleet Will Defeat The Chinese Carier Fleet Due to Its Superior Reconnaissance Capabilities (January 13, 2020).

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