The Press Freak-Out Over Javier Milei Has Begun, and It’s Absolutely Moronic

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As RedState reported, Argentinians pulled their country back from the brink of a socialist-led collapse on Sunday. Javier Milei, a libertarian-minded outsider, pulled off the upset by beating Sergio Massa in a runoff. Mass celebrations broke out in the streets after the nation’s long-standing one-party government was defeated. Of course, not everyone was happy, and that includes the American press. 


You see, they love it when far-left socialists take power. For example, when Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, an outright authoritarian, won the presidency in Brazil in late 2022, he was described as a moderate unifying force who defeated the terrible “far-right” Jair Bolsonaro. Naturally, Bolsonaro was then banned from running for office for eight years because that’s how totally free states work. 

So how is Milei being treated by the American press? See if you can pick up on the trend. 

Here’s another one for good measure that manages to get all the talking points in.


Isn’t Milei scary? I mean, he’s against killing children in the womb, he supports the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns, he doesn’t want to be subservient to China, and he doesn’t subscribe to the rantings of Greta Thunberg. How absolutely awful. 

Here’s the dumbest part about this, though. Milei is, ideologically speaking, fairly libertarian. Do you know who is the furthest thing from a libertarian on the right? That would be Donald Trump.

Claiming that Milei is like Trump just because he’s a bit eccentric is the kind of intellectual idiocy we’ve all come to expect from the American press. Milei is a fiscal hawk. Trump is the opposite of that. Milei wants to reform and curtail the welfare state. Trump has made protecting it a centerpiece of his campaign. I could go on and on listing where the two differ on major issues. 


And before people start ranting at me in the comments, I’m not saying those things as a way to attack Trump. Everyone on the right has different opinions about issues like social security and Medicaid. 

I’m simply saying that Milei is not Trump, and the press attempt to tie the two together is transparent. It’s lazy garbage that absconds from the fact that Argentina was in a terrible state and that its voters put Milei in office for justifiable reasons. The mainstream media’s obsession with trying to make everyone they disagree with about Donald Trump is moronic. 

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