The New Time Project have a total of 54 countries using GrandCoin

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The successful startup company are beating competitors in the Ethereum business

BUFFALO GROVE, IL, USA, October 20, 2020 / — Grandcoin, also known as the The New Time Project has hit a whole level of success by having a total of 54 countries using their Grandcoin product. The company is based in Buffalo Grove, IL and is run by the founder Olga Zeitunian.

GrandCoin is the new trend in online businesses and is based solely on a marketing network that clients use in order to comment on social media and build a strong business by using the GrandCoin e wallet. The product itself is token based on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 smart contract. This then makes it fast and reliable for clients to use, thus becoming an Ethereum token wallet.

Olga announced, “We are happy to confirm that 54 countries have signed up to our project and have become happy, loyal clients. We aim to continue to grow our success globally, since now is the time to jump onto the Ethereum market.”

The company has been in the lead against major competitors such as BitPanda, Liquidity and Pollen. GrandCoin is a start up company that has taken up a storm and has proven effective results globally to all kinds of businesses and clients. The structure of the business is what appeals to customers the most, since they offer features such as blockchain decentralization, a network marketing program, great software and the simplicity of usage.

Olga stated that, “Our business strategy and structure has brought in many satisfied customers, due to the high level of results we deliver. Our packages are only qualitative and can be used by anyone.”

The company gained huge popularity through social media, with thousands of users participating daily on their networks. There is a strong community that has been built, which has contributed towards a mutable success to both the company owner and clients. Olga has announced that, “We still aim for our goals that we constantly set ourselves as a company. We’re building towards a strategy of financial applications for our product.”

Their plan is to have the cryptocurrency exchange help reach a whole new level of capitalization and popularity towards the company. They are also carrying out extensive research by doing studies on the top global international payment systems, with the aim for the main monetary unit to be Grand Token.

The network itself is operated as a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain, which has tens and thousands of miners. Their decentralization system excludes any point of failure, since they also use reliable technology that is constantly evolving.

The company has continued working towards maintaining healthy and professional relationships with leading payment systems, which helps issue payment cards for goods and services. The successful entrepreneur has stated, “I am always motivated to do the best for my company and I have a strong hunger for success.”

The fire behind her motivation is from dedication towards her family and a strong mentality. She generally admires the American writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie, and stands by his personal quote, “Develop success from failure. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

Olga Zeitunian was originally born in Sochi, Russia but moved to America with her family after her father faced struggles with his business. She was strongly motivated to help her family and make them proud by starting up the company The New Time Project. After the many failures and sufferings that her family had to deal with, Olga made sure to make a difference and ensured that her company would grow successfully, which is what it has become today.

GrandCoin can be used as an e wallet on all electronic devices and has over 682,420.15 GRAND a day, a volume of 11,477,856.3 GRAND and over 14,290 comments from users on their networking platforms. They are actively on nearly all social media platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. In order to join the GrandCoin project, users can sign up on their website and begin commenting on social media right away, leaving them instant success for their online businesses.

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