The Interrogation Of Gabriel Miguel Rodriguez And Luis Gilberto Sifuentes Escobedo

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For the third time since September 2022 the name of Antonio Castro Valenzuela aka El Castro is said aloud on film. Mr. Castro is the chief assassin for the criminal organization La Plaza in the state of Sonora. 

The following broadcast is video #3 in a series of interrogations where his lackeys specifically mention him by name. Additionally, videos #1 and #2 can be seen here and here.

Once more a repetitive pattern emerges that consists of an abduction, interrogation, and the subsequent extermination off camera of failed operatives within the Mexican underworld. 

Video translation is as follows:

Interrogator: Give me your full name. 

Captive #1: Gabriel Miguel Rodriguez. 

Interrogator: And yours?

Captive #2: Luis Gilberto Sifuentes Escobedo.

Interrogator: What jobs did you do for Jesús Alberto Ibańaz Barajas aka El Ingeniero?

Captive #1: He would send me to locate safe houses, search for family members of municipal policemen, and homes to rent for future use. We were obligated under threat to do this because he knows all of my family members. This was all done to help Commander Castro. 

Interrogator: Who?

Captive #1: Commander Castro. 

Interrogator: Give me the engineers full name?

Captive: His name Jesús Alberto Ibańaz Barajas.

Interrogator: What is this individual to you?

Captive #2: He’s a friend. 

Interrogator: Is he a childhood friend?

Captive #2: Yes, he is. We’ve known each other since I was 10 years old. 

Interrogator: Who’s responsible for that armed attack against the municipal policemen where Francisco Javier Galo Sanchez lost his life?

Captive #2: That was Jesús Alberto with the help of Castro. 

Interrogator: El Castro?

Captive #2: Yes. 

Interrogator: Where are these two individuals?

Captive #2: I don’t currently know where they are. 

Interrogator: How would you communicate with these men?

Captive #2: He would send us the locations that we had to search out through WhatsApp. 

Male voice over: Theses two men were recruited by the La Plaza Cartel to locate the family members of policemen. And to rent out homes so that they could be used by their hitmen. 

Empalme, Sonora

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