The GOP’s Mega-Donors Do Not Want To Support President Trump

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Zero Hedge: Trump Weighs $100MN Personal Campaign Contribution As GOP Donors Bolt, Biden Fundraising Surges

If there’s one skill the mainstream media has mastered in the “Age of Trump”, it’s pushing a coordinated narrative. To mark the passing of the Labor Day holiday and the arrival of presidential campaign mania, the mainstream press is trying to paint a picture of a Trump re-election campaign in disarry. Late last week, and over the long weekend, the dominant story was a set of polls that were overwhelmingly spun as a positive for Biden, though Trump saw gains in Texas and several swing states.

But as we learned in 2016, the polls aren’t always accurate.


WNU Editor: No surprise on what has happened. Much to the surprise for those who supported him in 2016 with large donations, President Trump has proven more than once that he cannot be bought. A definite no-no for those in politics who do want to buy you. As for his opponent. Joe Biden has a proven record where he always delivers for large donors. From credit card companies to …. yes …. China.