The First Korean Bitcoin Drama, ‘Pumping Time (Working Title)’ Starts Filming in 2021

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The first Korean Bitcoin drama is set for filming in 2021 with top Korean writer Choi, Wan-kyu and production by K-Play Contents.

SEOUL, KOREA, January 5, 2021 / — The first Korean Bitcoin drama has been planned since 2018, with full investment and production by the cryptocurrency agency, K-Play Contents. The drama includes a production team of top creatives in their fields, including Korean screenwriter Choi Wan-kyu, who researched and studied cryptocurrency and block chain in-depth since 2017 in order to become well-versed in the main subject matter of the drama, which is set for filming in January, 2021 for immediate release.

‘Pumping Time (Working Title)’ will compose a total of 10 seasons, 20 episodes per season, each 30-minute in length. It will be broadcast as a standard drama, exploring in detail everything about bitcoin, cryptocurrency, the blockchain ecosystem, as well as the digital legal currency by the government. There will also be various edited versions, namely special trailers (100 minute in length), theater versions, and regular broadcast versions to tailor to the public’s different levels of cryptocurrency understanding.

Choi, Wan-kyu has numerous productions under his name, namely ‘All-in’, ‘Iris’, Jumong’, ‘Heo Jun’, ‘General Hospital’, and ‘Legend of Ambition’. His productions have notable popularity in Korea and is broadcasted among major channels like KBS, MBC, and SBS. He also won the grand prize in the Seoul Culture and Arts Awards. Wan-kyu expressed his excitement for the new drama, saying, ‘I noticed that there are many dramatic elements and I am so pleased to compose the drama which treats cryptocurrency in detail. I expect that this drama will be the masterpiece after ‘Iris’ and ‘All-in’’.

With the advent of the new drama, ‘Pumping Time (Working Title)’, and exploring the vast cryptocurrency market, K-Play Contents sets out to become a leader in content media specializing in cryptocurrency and the blockchain field. The agency plans to educate numerous block chain influencers and introduce major exchange markets and major coins. Casting will include celebrity cameos who are involved in the cryptocurrency market already, with the aim to provide more fun to the public. The drama will also cast American and Chinese stars; the leading role’s actor will be confirmed by February, 2021.

From 2021, Korea will establish new laws pertaining to a legal framework and legislation when dealing with cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency exchanges. Coupled with these new laws the drama will come at an opportune time, reaching people worldwide, from 2.5 billion Facebook users, more than 100 million Kako Talk and Line users, and 250 million PayPal users.

The Korean cryptocurrency market consists of a large part of the world market, almost 30%, and the Korean government supports the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, due to the expansive Korean wave culture, there is worldwide exposure to Korean actors and broadcasts that makes dramas like ‘Pumping Time (Working Title’) suitable for almost everyone worldwide.

There are over 100 million people right now with cryptocurrency experience and many of these lack the necessary know-how about trading on the stock market. The goal of ‘Pumping Time (Working Title)’ is to provide easy-to-understand educational content and knowledge about cryptocurrency and how to trade with it. Some of the topics characterizing the drama will explore the development history of cryptocurrency, standard cryptocurrency, informing cryptocurrency through the media, exploitation of investors, the regulation and institutionalization of cryptocurrency, as well as its place within our society today.

‘Pumping Time (Working Title)’ is set to be released soon after filming in 2021 and broadcasted globally via channels like YouTube, Netflix, Iqiyi, and other OTT (Over-the-top) media services.

About K-Play Contents

K-Play Contents is a leading Korean-based production agency specializing in cryptocurrency entertainment and planning for the world’s first cryptocurrency Korean Wave drama, movies, broadcasts, music sources, K-Pop, and more. Among these they also produce and edit various project videos that include influencers who also specialize in cryptocurrency. For more information about K-Play Contents visit their website where they share additional resources and media about cryptocurrency projects, events, and news.

About Choi Wan-kyu

Choi Wan-Kyu is an award-winning Korean screenwriter, with over 15 productions under his name, including the soon-to-be-released cryptocurrency drama, ‘Pumping Time (Working Title).

*Author Choi Wan-kyu is the mastermind behind the rise of the stars to the point of being called top actors, and the actors who joined him are Hallyu stars Lee Byung-hun, Song Hye-kyo, Ahn Jae-wook, Kim Tae-hee, Song Il-guk, Lee Min-jung, Park Shin-yang, Jang Beom-soo, Go Soo, Seong Yuri, Ji-sung, Jeon Do-hyun, Jeon Do. Attention is focusing on who will be the main character of “Pumping Time,” a masterpiece of 3 billion won per episode of 3 billion won.

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Point 1. Basic contents of drama
– A drama that details all the ecosystems of cryptocurrency
Introduction of various cryptocurrency products such as ICO, how to view charts, how to distinguish between fraudulent and real exchanges, real life of cryptocurrency ecosystem, spot trading, and futures trading.

The drama is an ICO-related marketing and multi-level investment, as well as damage suffered on the fraudulent exchange, and is exposed to news articles from the world’s top exchange CEO just before the main characters attempt to commit suicide. They gathered at a suicide site where they heard the story of the CEO of the exchange, “90% of their assets are cryptocurrency,” all of them were experts in various fields in the cryptocurrency industry. However, no one had to help them with their shortcomings as experts in each field, but everyone they met just before they committed suicide was scammed, became a new team that could fill their strengths, and decided to take revenge on them. Together, they can expect to find the so-called “pumping time” exchange, project foundations, and power, intense brain games between ant investors, and romance in the cryptocurrency ecosystem very interesting as the main contents of the drama.

Point 2. Promotional effect through occupational groups in drama
Projects and exchanges participating in the drama’s production support will be exposed to various viewers through various actors’ occupations. If more than 100 million people watch dramas worldwide, exchanges and projects exposed to dramas will enjoy the best promotional effects.

The production company Kplay Contents will secure many communities through various events before the drama airs, and will make all-out efforts to secure global viewers by appearing in the drama for influencer with more than 100 million fans.

It will also increase viewers’ experience by providing airdrop to tokens from exchanges and projects participating after the drama airs.

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