The F-22 Raptor Will Play A Major Role In A War Against China

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David Axe, National Interest: The F-22 Raptor Would Play A Big Role In A War Against China

It’s not just about the F-35.

Here’s What You Need To Remember: If China has jammed or destroyed the satellites, the Rapid detachments could find themselves operating in isolation. To mitigate that risk, the Air Force wants detachment commanders to operate independently.

The U.S. Air Force is rewriting its war plan for the Pacific, the flying branch’s new commander for the region told reporters at the Pentagon in late November.

Gen. Charles Brown, commander of Pacific Air Forces, said he wants smaller groups of U.S. warplanes to rapidly move between bases in order to frustrate an adversary, and to do so while the enemy — that is, China — is jamming American communications.

“How do we move small packages around pretty quickly to complicate things for our adversary?” Brown, who has been in his current position since the summer of 2018, rhetorically asked, according to Defense One. “[T]hen also how to operate in a contested environment, because I can’t guarantee that my [communications] will be up the entire time.”


WNU Editor: Another example on how important the F-22 is in any major war scenario.

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