The Coronavirus Pandemic In The Middle East Will Intensify The Region’s Unrest And Conflicts

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Jeremy Bowen, BBC: Coronavirus stokes Middle East boiling points

The Middle East has many reasons to fear the coronavirus pandemic, but it has one big advantage when it comes to resisting it. Most people in the region are young.

A rough average is that at least 60% are under the age of 30. That makes them less susceptible to developing Covid-19, the illness that has killed so many people in countries with older populations.

Most governments in the region saw what was happening elsewhere and had time to impose curfews and social distancing measures.

But that is where the Middle East’s advantages end. Years of strife in the world’s least stable region have left weaknesses that the pandemic is sure to deepen.


WNU Editor: The economies of the Middle East have been obliterated by this global shutdown, and any hope of a better future that many may have gone with it.

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