“The brother of AMLO asks that I be imprisoned for 12 years” says journalist Carlos Loret de Mola

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AMLO’s brother was on film receiving bags of cash from AMLOs nominee for an anti-corruption position

By Carlos Loret de Mola

Pío López Obrador, brother of the
president of Mexico, after being caught on videos illegally receiving packages
of cash, filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). It says he
is the “victim” and asks that whoever is responsible for the
dissemination of the videos be punished with 12 years in prison. In the same
letter, it establishes that the disclosure was made in the weekly program under
my charge on the Latinus news platform.

Pío López Obrador and the person
who gave him the money, David León Romero, have already testified before the
FGR about the complaint filed by the opposition National Action and Democratic
Revolution parties after the videos were released.

However, Pío López Obrador went
further: he did not stop to give his statement, but instead sought to attack by
means of a complaint. It was filed with the FGR on October 2. Pío López Obrador
speaks of the disclosure of his videos as “facts allegedly constituting
crimes committed to the detriment of his person and his family (…) through
the Latinus communication platform, directed by journalist Carlos Loret de
Mola.” He asks that he be recognized as an adjunct to the Prosecutor’s
Office and that it initiates an investigation on the matter.

This is the argument of Pío López
Obrador’s complaint:

“Two communications were
disclosed to the detriment of my person and my family that were supposedly
recorded by David León Romero, where the one who signed was one of the
interlocutors. In the transmission of the videos, two conversations in which
the undersigned participated were made available to the public, and although
they could be legally obtained, this does not generate the right for them to be
revealed, much less disclosed in a media outlet. communication, since they
remain confidential between the undersigned and David León Romero”.

And he adds: “All reserved or
secret communication is protected by our legal system. The various
conversations I had with David León Romero were confidential and therefore are
protected by the human right to privacy. Our justice system protects the
privacy of individuals. For that there are certain provisions of law. Every
human being has an intimacy and this must be respected. Based on the foregoing,
the disclosure of the conversations is totally illegal”.

Then, he cites Article 211 Bis of
the Mexican Federal Criminal Code, and claims the punishment: “To anyone
who reveals, discloses or uses improperly or to the detriment of another,
information or images obtained in a private communication intervention, sanctions
of six to 12 years in prison and a 300 to 600 day fine”.

This complaint is the first
public reaction that Pío López Obrador has had since two videos were revealed
on August 20 in which he appears receiving bills in a bag and an envelope.


AMLO nominates person delivering
cash for anti-corruption czar

The person who delivered the cash
and recorded the videos was David León Romero, nominated by President Andrés
Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to be the anti-corruption czar, a position that
after this disclosure was assumed by another person. In fact, in his complaint,
Pío López Obrador requests that a statement be taken from David León as a
witness, “since apparently it was said person who legally intervened in
our private communication.”

In the videos, which date from
2015, Pío López Obrador and David León point out that these deliveries of
resources had been repeated monthly for the last year and a half. They agree
that the money will be used to boost AMLO’s presidential campaign in 2018 and
that he knows of the financial support.

Although the talk in the two
videos does not explicitly establish it, it is suspected that the money came
from the then governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco – today a senator – of whom
David León has been a very close operator. AMLO declared, after the videos were
made public, that the cash packages were ” contributions from the people ” and not the result of corruption. The explanation exploded public
opinion in a mixture of outrage and mockery.

The complaint by Pío López
Obrador, asking for 12 years in prison for a journalist, further escalates the
permanent aggression of his brother’s regime against whom we have exhibited and
denounced his failures, and in general against the exercise of freedom of

Several international
organizations, such as Reporters without Borders and Article 19, have singled
out Mexico for this.

So far, AMLO newspaper had
insulted his critics in his press conference morning, he had pressured owners
of the media and had used advertising investment with public budget as
blackmail to soften the questions. What we see from Pío López Obrador’s
complaint is the shelter of the State – the Presidency and the Prosecutor’s
Office as a whole – to encourage the complaint of the president’s brother, who
is seeking jail and a fine against whoever has released the videos that exhibit
in illegal acts. Clearly, this is a matter of transcendence, public interest and
journalistic value whose public dissemination is protected by both national
laws and international treaties.

We will have to fight.