The Biden Campaign Rings in the Fourth by Stepping on Multiple Rakes, Gets Mocked Into Oblivion

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While the rest of America geared up to celebrate the Fourth of July, the Biden campaign was hard at work stepping on multiple rakes, and getting mocked into oblivion for them. 


On Wednesday afternoon, the official “Biden-Harris HQ” account, which I’m now convinced is run by White House pool boy Andrew Bates, went after Donald Trump over something called “Project 2025.” What exactly is that? It’s a transition proposal created by the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups that includes reclassifying thousands of partisan federal employees so they can be replaced by the incoming executive.

Given how much waste and corruption exists within the government, many would see that as a good thing. Not the Biden campaign, though. They put out this hand-wringing post paraphrasing a segment on CNN about “Project 2025.”

As sad and depressing as it is, these are the people ruling over you and making policies that affect your lives. Officials and staffers who are so vapid that they don’t even know that the “administrative state” is under the direct authority of the executive branch. In other words, “Project 2025” is just the president being the president. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution is there mention of an all-powerful, untouchable “administrative state” that stands alone as another branch of government. To even suggest that is totalitarian, and the phrase itself is usually derogatory. 


Not to the Biden campaign, though. They are embracing the “administrative state” because they believe they have a right to control the country even when they lose elections. Who you vote for doesn’t matter. All that matters is some overpaid, underworked career “expert” in some agency somewhere. Think about how ridiculous that is. It’s supposedly “authoritarian” to reform the administrative state through constitutionally-appropriated executive power, but it’s not authoritarian for an administrative state to wield unaccountable power over Americans. 

Then there’s the allegation that Trump will send “agencies like the Department of Justice after his political opponents.” Wait, you mean exactly like Biden is doing? The projection is astonishing, and it’s not out of ignorance. Again, Democrats truly believe they have a birthright to power, regardless of election results. If that means throwing an opponent in jail to rig an election, they’ll do it. Yet, the moment there’s any suggestion their own standards could be turned around on them, the tears flow like rain.  

Still, the stupidity of the Biden campaign’s post wasn’t lost on people.


Fortunately for the rest of us, Biden’s minions weren’t done after that embarrassment. Instead of waking up on the Fourth and posting a patriotic message, they decided to double down with this.

Find something you love as much as Democrats love referencing the “Handmaid’s Tale.” It is, quite literally, the only book they know, and it’s a sign of desperation that the Biden campaign is going back to that already-dried-up well. 

I’ll admit that I find it very entertaining to see them getting this desperate. The president is senile, and everyone knows it, so all they’ve got is recycling the same old lame attacks. No one cares anymore, though. No one trusts “the experts.” They aren’t protective of the “administrative state.” That’s as much of a dead-end as screaming “January 6th” over and over. 

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