The Babylon Bee ‘Reports’ on Biden Syria Bombing: Obama Gives Joe an Award, How to Avoid a Biden Drone Strike

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Joe Biden on Thursday ordered airstrikes in Syria against Iranian-backed militias in retaliation for rocket attacks on American forces in the region in the past two weeks.

The satire site Babylon Bee on Friday published two “reports” on related developments.

Noting that Biden “has in his first one hundred days hit a milestone of every American presidency — bombing the Middle East” — The Bee “reported” that former President Barack Obama not only praised his former vice president for the military strike but also “in a symbolic gesture, handed over his Nobel Peace Prize to Biden.”

In a touching moment, according to The Bee, Obama told Biden:

“Here, you deserve this now. I am so proud of you.”

Here’s a bit of background — Bee-style:

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 — the first time the prize was awarded to someone simply for existing.

He then made sure all bombs and missiles had written on them, “From Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama,” so people knew they weren’t being incinerated by some heartless warmonger.

According to The Bee, Biden “says he knew the militia groups were up to something because they were in Syria, a place commonly bombed by the U.S.”

In other Syria bombing-related news, The Bee “reported” that Middle Easterners have begun painting transgender flag colors on doorposts to avoid Biden drone strikes.

One man quoted by The Bee seemed to have the drill down, perfectly.

“Please, O Angel of Death, pass us by!” cried one man as Predator drones flew by, raining the wrath of Biden from above.

“I support your social justice causes, see? You can pass right on by! No problems with you here! We love you, President Biden! So proud to be bombed by a female vice president of color for the first time! Historic!”

According to The Bee, “Biden’s drones have been programmed to ignore those homes that display the right social justice slogans, like transgender flags, Biden-Harris signs, and those obnoxious signs with all those leftist altruisms.”

The Bee also reported that “warning drones flew overhead before Biden’s most recent strike, warning citizens to flee from the wrath to come by painting the pink, white, and blue colors above and beside their doors.”

The Babylon Bee might be satire, but as is the case with all smart and devastating humor, the closer to the truth, the better — or worse as the case might be — the sting. And a sting from The Bee is about as good as it gets. Unless, of course, you’re the one being stung.

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