The 2021 News Cycle In One Chart

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Google Trends for 2021 news topics 

Dec. 27, 2020, to Dec. 18, 2021, weekly 

Axios: Google Trends for 2021 news topics 

Between a siege on the Capitol building, a Texas snowstorm, Brood X cicadas, the Olympics and a stuck container ship in the Suez Canal — not to mention endless COVID variants — it’s been a busy year.  

Why it matters: In the inaugural Axios-Google Trends news cycle chart, we chronicled the unprecedented first year of President Trump. Four years later, Joe Biden is president and the themes have changed, but America’s short attention spans and rapid breaking news cycles continue.  

By the numbers: The single topic to receive the highest percentage of Google searches all year was the Olympics, during the week of its opening ceremonies. 

* Next came searches about stimulus checks at the very start of the year, followed by searches related to Trump during the week of Jan. 6. 

* Searches related to Biden and the COVID-19 vaccine rounded out the top five topics overall, out of more than 50 major 2021 events and topics chosen by Axios.  

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WNU Editor: Inflation, crime, and the border are some the top searched U.S. news items on Google. No wonder Americans are fearful about 2022 …. Exclusive poll: America’s fears rise for 2022 (Axios).