Tepalcatepec, Michoacán: Drone Footage of CJNG Failed Incursion

Latin America World
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Video translation is as follows:

Videos recorded from drones were leaked through social networks. In this footage dozens of vehicles of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación enter the municipality of Tepalcatepec, Michoacán.

The images show the armored vehicles in which the CJNG hitmen traveled. According to witnesses, the convoy of hitmen from Jalisco numbered at least 11 vehicles from which they fired at the inhabitants of La Bocanda. The events occurred last weekend when the CJNG hitmen tried to assault the municipality of Tepalcatepec.

However, they were successfully intercepted by military forces. Unofficially it’s been said that at least 8 CJNG hitmen died in that confrontation. Among them El Venado, right hand of El M-2, lieutenant of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.