Tamaulipas: Narco rapper “Blunt” (Mauro Emanuel Vazquez Yañez) executed in Reynosa

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Mauro Emanuel Vazquez Yañez,
better known as “Blunt” belonging to a narco rap group, was murdered
in this border city. His body was found in an apartment on Guadalajara Street
in the Rodríguez neighborhood.

Vazquez, 33, had stab wounds to
the neck, back, abdomen and right hand.

With him, the body of 27-year-old
Rodbell Joel Martínez López was also located, who had gunshot wounds to the
head and one more to the thorax.

One of his most popular songs was
that of “Reynosa La Maldosa” that illustrates the violence related to
drug trafficking that began approximately in 2010:

“We are pure Reynosa, a
shitload of thugs, pure mafia people suffer or enjoy it. Reynosa the evil one,
the street is dangerous, put me out, pure evil people”, reads the theme “Reynosa, the evil one”.

“Welcome to my kingdom,
Reynosa,  where people gamble life daily,
people who blow your head, be careful or bullets go through you, mutilated
bodies thrown into the canal, too much evil to fit in a prison ”.

It transpired that both young men
were in an apartment in this area where armed subjects arrived and took their

According to reports, “Blunt” was identified by a black Malibu car owned by the rapper.

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