Taiwan Says It Will ‘Definitely Fire Back’ If Fired Upon By China

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Taiwan Defense Ministry photo shows an Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force H-6 bomber intercepted by Taiwanese fighters on Friday. © Ministry of National Defence

Reuters: Taiwan military says it has right to counter attack amid China threats

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan said on Monday its armed forces have the right to self-defence and counter attack amid “harassment and threats”, in an apparent warning to China, which last week sent numerous jets across the mid-line of the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

Tensions have sharply spiked in recent months between Taipei and Beijing, which claims democratically-run Taiwan as its own territory, to be taken by force if needed.

Chinese aircraft crossed the mid-line to enter the island’s air defence identification zone on Friday and Saturday, prompting Taiwan to scramble jets to intercept them, and President Tsai Ing-wen to call China a threat to the region.


WNU Editor: Does Taiwan have the firepower to stop China? Maybe not …. Taiwan’s missile inventory insufficient to counter Chinese attack: MND (Taiwan News), but hey are quickly arming up …. Reports: Taiwan Is Loading Up On Super-Accurate Missiles For Its F-16s (Forbes).

Update: Taiwan has enough missiles to defend itself at present: MND (Focus Taiwan)

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