Sudan Military Council Says Coup Attempt Has Been Foiled

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Sudanese people chant slogans and wave their national flag as they celebrate, after Sudan’s ruling military council and a coalition of opposition and protest groups reached an agreement to share power during a transition period leading to elections, along the streets of Khartoum, Sudan, July 5, 2019. Image Credit: Reuters

Al Jazeera: Sudan: Ruling military council foils attempted coup: state TV

At least 16 military officers have been arrested in attempted coup d’etat, governing army council says.

Sudan’s ruling military council (TMC) foiled an attempted military coup and at least 16 officers were arrested, state-run TV reported late on Thursday.

The development comes as the TMC and protest movement leaders were in discussions on a power-sharing deal.

“Officers and soldiers from the army and National Intelligence and Security Service, some of them retired, were trying to carry out a coup,” General Jamal Omar of the TMC said in a statement broadcast live on state television.


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