study young boys dreaming to become narcos and sicarios

Study: Young Boys Dreaming to Become Narcos and Sicarios

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        Murdered YouTuber “El Pirata de Culiacán”, a role model for young children, study finds

Children in northern Mexico dream of being drug traffickers and assassins according to a study by university students. The lack of consequences for crimes and the lack of values ​​could be the main cause.

In the state of Coahuila in northern Mexico with the United States , children dream of becoming drug traffickers , assassins and drug users according to a recently published study.

These are young, between 5 and 11 year old children, who live in the northwest area of ​​the capital of that state, Saltillo , are those who yearn to consume drugs and also be part of an organized crime band. 

This tough conclusion was reached by university students from the Faculty of Social Work of Coahuila , who for two years have participated in the project ” Looking to the Future “, in which they analyze the living conditions of minors and with which they seek to promote the development and welfare of children.
“They have emotional problems, lack of culture because their economic situation does not allow them to know it. They register emotions that are not controlled, explode at the slightest motive, there are  issues where the outlook of the future is addiction,” the students in charge of the study told Sin Embargo .

“When we started talking to them they showed us that they want to be part of drugs and crime, ” the researchers added.

The study says:  “growing up in an adverse environment, children strengthen their family ties to the degree of aspire to be like their elders, in this case, mainly people with addictions or linked to  organized delincuency “.

Plus, in recent years there has been little or few consequences for crimes; themes especially popular in television series, narco-corridos, telenovelas and influencial YouTubers who  emerge that boast of ostentatious articles and/or in songs as well as the coexistence with people related to drug trafficking .

Such is the case of Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales the famous ” Pirata de Culiacán “, a young man who, before being killed, showed a way of life full of excesses, which made him popular in social networks. In the end he was supposedly ordered killed by Nemesio Oseguera ” El Mencho “, leader of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación .

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For Spanish speakers, An Interview of “El Ponchi”, a child hitman:

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