Study Says It Will Take Seven Years To End The Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

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Countries like the US and UK will reach herd immunity within a year at their current vaccination paces, while countries like China and Canada could take up to six years 

 * At the current pace of vaccination, it will take seven years for the world to reach herd immunity to coronavirus, according to a Bloomberg analysis 
 * So far, 119 million doses of vaccine have been given worldwide 
 * The US has given one or more doses to just 8.7% of its population 
 * Vaccination campaigns in the US are on track to hit President Joe Biden set a goal of more than 100 million shots given in his first 100 days in office 
 * US should reach herd immunity by New Year’s Day of 2022, Bloomberg’s vaccination calculator suggests 
The coronavirus pandemic will drag on for another seven years at the current rate of vaccinations worldwide, new calculations predict. 
It will take that long to reach Dr Anthony Fauci’s estimate for the herd immunity threshold of 75 percent of people inoculated globally, according to Bloomberg’s vaccination calculator. 
More than 4.5 million vaccines are being administered a day, for a total of 119.8 million shots given worldwide. 
WNU Editor: The above prediction is contingent on vaccines being effective against variants like those that have emerged in South Africa and Brazil.