Staff Pulls Plug on Presser as Biden Goes Over Edge in Vietnam With Confusion, Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers

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Joe Biden was in Hanoi on Sunday, meeting with Vietnam’s Communist Party leader, General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng. 

After the meeting, he made some remarks and took a few questions from the press. We probably don’t even have to say anymore that it didn’t go well, you can just assume that there are going to be big embarrassing issues. 


Biden started in confusion about whether it was evening there (it was).  

I think he was trying to make a joke about “Good Morning, Vietnam,” which was a famous Robin Williams movie, not a “famous song.” And maybe that’s not the best movie to bring up when you’re in Vietnam. As my colleague Andrew Malcolm observed in his post about Joe Biden’s visit, Biden said his Afghanistan withdrawal would not be as bad as the Saigon panic, but then it was. 

But that was the good part. It was all downhill from there once the presser started. Although to be fair, it’s not much of a presser when he limits it to five preselected reporters that “they gave me here.” 

God forbid that he have the free-wheeling extensive press conferences that former President Donald Trump had, he has trouble with just these few pre-selected reporters  And you can see him with his prepared notes, getting those ready, so he can read answers off them. Can we ask again who the “they” are that telling the man who’s supposed to be the leader of the free world what to do? 


It got worse when he got confused about whether he had called on the people he was supposed to.

“I’m just following my orders here,” Biden said. If you listen closely, you can hear people laughing. 

“Staff, is there anybody that hasn’t spoken yet?” Biden asked. He then snapped at someone he hadn’t called on who wasn’t on his list, “I ain’t calling on you.”

His policy comment on China is going to have more people wondering if he’s compromised or just clueless about the threats posed by China. 

That pretty much says it all right there. He doesn’t want to keep them in check, and he hasn’t. Which is why they have been so emboldened in their actions against us during his time in office. 

Then Biden seemed to forget that he was on camera and at the podium and wandered out of frame.

Then he got lost in the middle of this answer about global warming, even though he was reading from his notes. He still couldn’t get it right. 


“How can I say it?” he said. ” “I think we can triple the renewable capacity for as it relates to global warming by the year 202030. 2030.” What year was that? And what does that even mean, tripling the renewable capacity for global warming? Whatever he meant to say, that wasn’t it. 

He admitted to one reporter he’d have trouble even with softball questions. 

Even five questions were too much for him. By the end, he was going off into “dog-faced pony soldier” land. This is truly embarrassing. 

He’s talked about this before, but no one can find the film that he’s talking about. Just another one of those things brewed up in the fertile imagination of Joe Biden. What a rambling mess. 


Watch as his staff cuts off the press conference even as he’s still answering a question from the podium, that’s how bad it was going. I don’t think I’ve seen this before, cutting him off mid-word. The staff knew that he was completely off the tracks at this point, and they moved to step in. Then they play music to get him off the stage and cover up anything he might be saying. 

Somehow, with Biden, it always manages to keep getting worse. Unfortunately, this is happening on the world stage, and it’s endangering our national security. 

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