Soros-Backed Oakland DA Accuses Residents of Racism for Being Angry About Rampant Crime

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Crime is surging in Oakland, California to the point where the city is even having a problem with pirates.

People are outraged and sick of the problem, but Pamela Price, the Soros-backed DA doesn’t want to hear about it.

She has even gone so far as to accuse people of racism for complaining about it.

FOX News reports:

Oakland DA accuses critics of racism as upset residents express outrage over crime

A California district attorney has claimed that allegations that she has soft-on-crime policies are actually racist attacks against her.

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price and some of her supporters slammed Oakland residents who have been complaining that crime is too high in the major California city and that the DA is not doing enough.

In addition to dismissing these locals’ concerns as “racism,” Price and her allies claimed the elected official is being unfairly treated by a disenfranchised community.

The district attorney’s attacks on Oakland residents came in response to a wave of recent criticism against her and the city as locals believe crime is out of control. She ran for office on a progressive platform of what some call “restorative justice.”

This criticism has peaked with crowds of concerned citizens turning out to a block rally on Saturday in East Oakland to protest the way the city’s crime is being combated.

Here are some of the people that Price is accusing of being racists for complaining about crime.

No one wants to live in fear, under the tyranny of crime.

This issue should should make Soros-backed candidates unelectable.

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