Sonora: Caborca Cartel interrogates and incinerates a Gente Nueva Delta Group member

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 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY Borderland Beat Follower  TY Gus

First there was a video filtered
through social media depicting a male sitting on the ground being interrogated [ translation at bottom] about the death of a Cartel de Caborca member. 
The victim was shown with a rope hanging around his neck.

The captive man was reported as
being a member of the “Delta Group” of sicarios of Gente Nueva in Altar,

In the footage, there was no
violence revealed. A second video was released with additional footage and
uploaded to social media.  In the
footage, the man is incinerated alive.

The executioners were sicarios
of  “La Barredora 24/7 or “Cartel de
Caborca”. This is not the first time the Caborca Cartel has resorted to this
gruesome method.

Allegedly, the victim belonged to
the Delta Group of ‘El Cazador’ and ‘El Durango’ of Altar.

Interrogation translation by Sol
Prendido is as follows:

Interrogator: Why are you here?

Captive: I’m here because I was
selling crystal meth.

Interrogator: Who do you work

Captive: I work for El Durango’s

Interrogator: How long have you
been here and why are you here?

Captive: I’m here because I was
selling crystal meth.

Interrogator: What else can you
tell me?

Captive: My brothers name is El
Nono. And between my brother and I we killed

Gahel (Gahel Gastelum Álvarez).
We also killed La Rosa.

Interrogator: Who is Gahel?

Captive: Excuse me?

Interrogator: Who did you kill?

Captive: We killed Gahel.

Interrogator: Where did you kill

Captive: At the Hotel Toxa
(Heroica Caborca, Sonora). We were given a ride by Abel in a taxi. The vehicles
number is 62. From there we proceeded to Altar (Altar, Sonora). We were under
orders from El Chubeto and Durango.

Interrogator: And why?

Captive: Because we belong to
Grupo Delta.

Interrogator: So, you belong to
Grupo Delta?

Captive: Yes.

Interrogator: So, you belong to
Grupo Delta?

Captive: Yes sir.

Interrogator:  Why did you kill Gahel?

Captive: It was done so on the
orders of El Durango because of a car that was sold to him and afterwards

Interrogator: Who gives you guys
the orders, who gives the orders?

Captive: Who gives us the orders?
The orders were given to us by El Durango and Chubeta.

Interrogator: Hmm. What other
operators do you guys have there in Caborca?

Captive: We currently have El
Nono, La Rosa, El J, El Samantha, El Jera, El…