Siltepec, Chiapas: Who Are “Los Kaibiles”? Alleged Perpetrators Of Armed Attack That Left 8 Dead

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The bodies of the victims were found by public transport drivers.

Authorities initiated an investigation

Eight people were shot to death in Chiapas, during an ambush on the Chicomuselo – Siltepec highway, in the border zone with Guatemala. The events occurred during the morning of Tuesday, August 29, when the victims were traveling aboard a pickup truck and motorcycles. According to authorities, the bodies were found on the road and in the brush surrounding the community of Ampliación San Francisco. The armed attack was apparently perpetrated by a criminal group identified as “Los Kaibiles”, who operate in the southern border of the country.

The violent attack was attributed to the group “Los Kaibiles” after alleged members of this criminal cell disseminated videos of the aggression on social networks. In the images, two people can be seen handling the body of one of the victims, while one of them assures that “You don’t mess around with Los Kaibiles”. Similarly, in the recording, the subjects are seen taking bulletproof vests, weapons and magazines from the victims who were traveling in the truck.

The bodies were found around a black Tacoma truck. 

Who are “Los Kaibiles”?

So far, the identity of the victims has not been revealed and it is not known if they belonged to organized crime. Through photographs and images circulating on social networks, it can be seen that the victims were wearing jeans and black T-shirts with Mexican insignia. Also, thanks to the video released by members of “Los Kaibiles”, it is known that the deceased were traveling with bulletproof vests, weapons and magazines among their belongings.

According to information from the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office, the bodies of the victims were found by public transportation drivers, who alerted authorities to the discovery of eight bodies men inside and outside a Toyota Tacoma truck. The agency informed that an investigation was opened against whoever or whomever is responsible for the brutal homicide.

The deceased were traveling with bulletproof vests, weapons and magazines.

“Los Kaibiles”, who claimed responsibility for the multi-murder, are young men who were trained by former elite soldiers who carried out paramilitary tasks in Guatemala during the 1980s and 1990s. It is known that “Los Kaibiles” were elite soldiers in the Guatemalan army and later joined drug cartels. They currently operate along the country’s southern border, where other criminal groups are fighting for control of these territories.

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1: Your worlds went to shit. You don’t fuck around with Los Kaibiles you sons of bitches. Don’t you ever fuck with Los Kaibiles you sons of bitches. 

Sicario #2: Throw them down to the ground. Take their chest rigs the fuck off. 

Sicario #1: Go ahead and take off their chest rigs, take off their chest rigs. You fucking assholes. Your worlds went to shit. 

Sicario #2: Take their fucking vests off. 

Sicario #1: Everything we’ve found here now belongs to us. Go ahead and strip them of their belongings. Cease fire, cease fire. Hey you start taking everything off their bodies, take their firearms. 

Sicario #2: Gather that chest rig there. 

Sicario #1: You sons of bitches are not going to fuck around here. Just strip these individuals off. You can go fuck your mom (He’s cursing the corpse). Take a look at this. There’s another radio on this body. They all had radios on them. But they lucked the fuck out with this confrontation. Son of a bitch! There’s some good chest rigs here. I’ll be taking them all. You’re not supposed to mess with Kaibiles you sons of bitches. Gather all the magazines. Everyone needs to pick up every magazine here. Everything went to shit for you sons of bitches. 

* The dead are allegedly CJNG gunmen.

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