Silao Guanajuato: “Escolta” (bodyguard) attacks and kills man who attempted to rob him on video

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Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  La Silla Rota

An armed thief was killed by a private security *escolta (bodyguard) in Silao. The bodyguard of a recognized businessman in the city shot the criminal down when the criminal tried to assault him.
In a quick reaction, an escolta fired on the pair of thieves. One of them died.
Around 7:00 p.m. this Friday, the security cameras of an Oxxo store, located next to the 5 Inn Hotel, recorded the incident.
The video recording shows the exact moment when two men who were walking around the area approached the driver of a gray Pick-up truck. The vehicle with its driver was stationed outside the aforementioned store. The suspected thieves approached the driver’s side door and tried to open it. The driver, who was inside, noticing the stalking so had withdrawn his weapon and shot at the attackers.
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The shots from the firearm came from inside the truck. A few more entered. One of the thieves was immediately wounded. The other fled.
The escolta was also wounded. However, he still managed to exit the truck and shoot at a short distance against the offender. The thief fell dead with his weapon in his hand.
The wounded bodyguard called for help. He waited on the scene until the Municipal Police officers arrived at the murder site. The health status of the bodyguard was reported as stable.
The identity of the murdered criminal was not released.
Unofficially it was said that the escort was assigned to the personal safety of a businessman named Reyes. Linked by family ties to the owners of Grupo Reyma. An important plastics company in Bajío. 

*Escolta: Functions of private body guard work in  defense and protection of specific people, or specific groups of people, preventing them from being the object of aggression


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