Should US Federal Forces Be Deployed To US Cities That Are Unable To Control Their Riots?

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A federal law enforcement officer, deployed under the Trump administration’s new executive order to protect federal monuments and buildings spreads tear gas during a protest over racial inequality in Portland, Oregon, July 17. REUTERS/Nathan Howard

Business Insider: From Portland to Atlanta, mayors write letter condemning Trump’s unilateral deployment of ‘paramilitary-type forces into our cities’

* Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler sent a letter Monday to US Attorney General William Barr and Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, opposing the deployment of federal forces in his city.
* The letter was cosigned by the mayors of Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, and Washington, DC.
* “Unilaterally deploying these paramilitary-type forces into our cities is wholly inconsistent with our system of democracy and our most basic values,” the mayors wrote.

Mayors of some of the biggest cities in the US are condemning President Trump’s decision to deploy federal forces in Portland, characterizing it as an ‘abuse of power’ for political purposes.

Last week, Oregon’s two Democratic senators condemned the Trump administration’s “authoritarian tactics” amid reports that federal law enforcement agents — in unmarked vehicles, with no discernible chain of command — were snatching people off the streets of the state’s biggest city.


WNU Editor: I live in Montreal, and in 2012 we had widespread protests and riots that went on for months (check out the video below). I got tear gassed in one of these riots when I left a business meeting at the end of the day and found myself locked out from the building that I had just left while the mob and police were battling against each other literally a few meters away. It is one of those moments that I will never forget. Needless to say. The reaction of both the city and the province during these times were dismal. Just like what I am seeing today in a number of US cities and state governments who have decided to restrain their police forces and let the mob run amok. In the end, the protests and riots ended when the weather got cold and winter arrived. But for most of us we did not forget. And when all of these politicians and political parties who had been in power for decades ran for re-election. They were all booted out. Will the same history repeat itself in places like Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, etc.? We shall see.

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