Should The U.S. Enrich ‘A Hostile Regime’ That Is ‘Configuring Its Military To Kill Americans’?

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FOX News: Gordon Chang warns China ‘configuring its military to kill Americans’

Chang urged Trump to decouple the US economy from China.

The United States shouldn’t be enriching “a hostile regime” that is “configuring its military to kill Americans,” China analyst Gordon Chang said Monday.

In an interview on Fox News, Chang expressed support for President Trump’s consideration of completely decoupling the U.S. economy from China, calling the move “absolutely a good idea.”

“China is configuring its military to kill Americans,” Chang told “Bill Hemmer Reports.”

“We shouldn’t be enriching a hostile regime with our trade and with our investment. I believe that decoupling is what we absolutely have to do especially this year.”

Chang’s comments follow a recent Pentagon report suggesting that China is planning to double its stockpile of nuclear warheads in this decade — including those designed for ballistic missiles and that can reach the U.S. The report adds a time clock to Trump’s decision, Chang said.

“[President] Xi Jinping has been talking increasingly about this notion that China has a mandate of heaven to rule the world,” Chang explained. “They [beleive that they] not only have the right to do it, they have the obligation to do it.


WNU Editor: The Chinese I know have always been very blunt and honest to me since the early 1990s that they see the US as their main political/economic/and military threat. The fact that Americans were always looking to make a deal was for them an opportunity to take advantage of, and boy-o-boy have they ever taken advantage of it.