Should Taxes Be Raised In The Middle Of A Pandemic?

USA World

PEW Trusts: Tax Hikes in a Pandemic: Some States, Cities Say Yes

Nashville City Councilman Bob Mendes tried unsuccessfully for two years to get his booming city to raise property taxes to address its growing municipal needs.

Then came COVID-19. The City Council last month approved a 34% increase.

What changed?

“We’re broke,” said Mendes, who identifies as a Democrat though the council is nonpartisan.

Cities such as Nashville, Tennessee, and states from New York to California have raised taxes or are considering it amid a pandemic that has crushed the economy and thrown state and city budgets deep into the red.


WNU Editor: In the middle of a pandemic where almost every business/entrepreneur/professional/etc. is out of work and/or experiencing major cuts in earnings, it is hard to believe that some governments are actually contemplating and/or increasing taxes. This is not going to end well.

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