Sen. Paul: ‘Big Mistake’ to Borrow Money for Democrats’ COVID Plan

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The United States does not have almost $2 trillion “sitting around” to spend on the Democrats’ coronavirus stimulus plan, so all the money for it will have to be borrowed, and it’s a “big mistake,” Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday.

“People don’t see the unforeseen complications of this down the road,” the Kentucky Republican said on Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria.” “What it does for currency, ultimately does to our economy, it’s a big mistake, even if they say it’s for legitimate purposes.”

He added that if lawmakers want to address the COVID-19 crisis, they will instead work to fix the economy while the pandemic numbers are declining. 

“I think we are rounding the bend,” said Paul. “This is not the time to put the country further into debt.”

Paul also railed against the continued school closures, saying that children who are from rich or middle-class families “probably did better” than underprivileged children, but overall, teachers unions “don’t seem to care about them. They seem to care about themselves.”

“[There are] 25-year-old teachers clamoring to get vaccinated first,” said Paul. “There is no evidence of any surge in any school. Schools have been open across the entire world … we are bowing to the demands of a union.”

Also on Wednesday, Paul talked about his push for a national right-to-work law, noting that in the 28 states, including his own, where the laws are in place, such initiatives have proven to be a “great incitement” to businesses. 

He also argued against raising the federal wage, whether to the $10 some Republicans want or $15 wanted by Democrats, as either measure will cause unemployment and eliminate minimum wage jobs, particularly for young workers looking for their first paychecks.

“I think it is a big mistake and a disservice to youth” to set wages higher than the market will sustain, said Paul.

Meanwhile, Paul said he is “terrified for election integrity” considering the push House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making for a greater national role in voting. 

“In-person voting needs to remain in control of the states,” said Paul. “I have been going to each state including my state trying to get election law reformed. I think you need to vote in person.”

He also said states shouldn’t be using taxpayer money to distribute ballot applications, and harvesting votes should be stopped.

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