Sen. Johnson: Electoral College Challenge Aimed to ‘Protect Democratic Process

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Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Sunday defended the planned challenge of the Electoral College vote certifying that Joe Biden won the presidential election, declaring it’s not an attempt to thwart the democratic process, but one “to protect it.”

In an interview on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” Johnson said “tens of millions of Americans that think this election was stolen. We need to get to the bottom of it.”

“We are not attempting to thwart the democratic process, we’re acting to protect it,” Johnson said.

“We’re suggesting let’s set up a … bipartisan commission to organize all the allegations…. acknowledge the problem areas that have not been explained so that we can restore confidence in the election system,” he said.

“This is an unsustainable state of affairs now. That’s all we’re saying. As long as someone will be objecting to this, let’s propose a solution of transparency, investigation and with a commission,” he said.

Host Chuck Todd challenged Johnson that it was Trump and his allies who planted the election doubt “and now you’re saying ‘whoa, look at this, oh my god, all these people believe what we told them.’”

But Johnson said “this fire was started back in January of 2017” and led up to the Trump impeachment, charging “the mainstream media dropped pretense of being unbiased. This fire was started when you completely ignored four investigations of Hunter Biden.”

“The main stream media and that is what destroyed the credibility of the media and our institutions … so I didn’t start this,” he added.

“You carried that water for years,” he said. “You destroyed the credibility of the press.”

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