Saudi Arabia Wants To Buy Into The UK-Italy-Japan 6th-Gen Fighter Jet Project

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An illustration of the future Tempest sixth-generation fighter jet, released in December 2020. British Royal Air Force  

Business Insider: Saudi Arabia wants to buy its way into a major 6th-gen fighter jet project, but not all its potential partners are welcoming 

* The UK, Italy, and Japan are working together to develop a sixth-generation fighter jet. 

* Saudi Arabia reportedly wants to join the effort, but Japan is said to be wary of letting Riyadh in. 

* The UK-Italy-Japan program is one of several launched in recent years to build next-gen jets. 

Saudi Arabia wants to joint the UK, Japan, and Italy as a partner in the Global Combat Air Program, which aims to build the six-generation Tempest stealth fighter jet and other advanced technologies by 2035. 

While funding from the Arab kingdom could ease the financial burden on the consortium, other considerations have made Tokyo reluctant to assent to Riyadh’s admission. 

As first reported by The Financial Times, the Saudis hope to win admission into the GCAP in return for “a potentially significant financial contribution.”  

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WNU Editor: Money talks, and the Saudis have a lot of it.